August 27th, 2006

CALGARY (Sunday, August 27th,2006) –– American professional Greg Lutzka, a 21- year-old X Games star from Huntington Beach, California, captured his second Slam City Jam men's Street title in three years by finishing first in front of a near capacity crowd at the Calgary Corral at Stampede Park.

Lutzka took home $15,000 in first-place prize money by scoring 94.50 points and edging out Chad Bartie of Australia, who finished second with 86.25 points and earned $9,000.

The Calgary crowd, which totalled more than 22,000 in cumulative attendance over six sessions and three days of men's and women's Street and Vert competition at Stampede Park, was wowed by impressive performances by a series of Canadian amateurs who qualified for the big show with their efforts in the DC Nationals and Es Game of Skate Friday.

Leading the way were Ryan DeCenzo of Delta, B.C. and Magnus Hanson of Surrey, B.C. Decenzo finished third with 85.00 points while Hanson was fourth with 82.25. Sascha Daley of Courtenay, B.C., the 19-year-old who won the DC Nationals amateur championships Friday, placed eighth in the men's Street competition.

More than 100 top skateboarders competed in the 13th Slam City Jam, held in Calgary for the first time after 12 years in Vancouver. Competitions included the DC Nationals, the Es Game of Skate, the Slam City men's and women's Vert and the Slam City men's and women's Street, along with a demonstration Friday night by international skateboarding icon Tony Hawk and his Grand Jam. These competitions collected the highest number of bets this year that were also delivered by online Canadian casinos. Some of them are recognized as the most successful no deposit online casinos in the country. Find out more here.

Results Summary
$100,000 USD Slam City Jam pro skateboard championships

Results from action Sunday in the finals of the $100,000 USD Slam City Jam North American skateboard championships at Stampede Park (points totals in parentheses):

Women's Street
Final results

(Highest points total wins)

1. Lacey Baker, U.S. (89.00 points);
2. Vanessa Torres, U.S. (83.50);
3. Lauren Perkins,U.S. (82.25);
4. Marissa Del Santo, U.S. (79.00);
5. Amy Caron, U.S. (74.50);
6. Rebecca Syracopoulos, U.S. (64.75);
7. Kristen Zurwick, Castlegar, B.C. (62.00);
8. Elizabeth Nitu, U.S. (60.25).

Women's Vert
Final results

(Lowest points total wins)

1. Karen Jones, Brazil (6);
2. Holly Lyons, U.S. (12);
3. Torres (18);
4. Caron (26);
5. Alison Nugget Matasi, Vancouver(28).

Men's Vert
Final results

(Highest points total wins)

1. Rob Lorifice, U.S. (90.25 points);
2. Sandro Dias, Brazil (88.50);
3. Neal Hendrix, U.S. (82.75);
4. Jean Postec, France (81.50);
5. Mike Frazier, U.S. (79.50);
6. Lincoln Ueda, Brazil (77.25);
7. Mike Crum, U.S. (72.25);
8. Anthony Hancock, Calgary (71.50);
9. Chris Cudlipp, U.S. (55.75);
10. Josh Evin, Nelson, B.C. (48.75).

Men's Street
Final results

(Highest points total wins)

1. Greg Lutzka, U.S. (94.50 points);
2. Chad Bartie, Australia (86.25);
3. Ryan DeCenzo, Delta, B.C. (85.00);
4. Magnus Hanson, Surrey, B.C. (82.25);
5. Nathan LaCoste, Vancouver (80.75);
6. Ryan Oughton, Calgary (80.00);
7. Dayne Brummet, U.S. (79.50);
8. Sascha Daley, Courtenay, B.C. (79.00);
9. Tony Trujillo, U.S. (78.75);
10. Danny Fuenzalida, Chile (76.75);
11. Scott DeCenzo, North Delta, B.C. (73.25);
12. Sheldon Meleshinski, Vancouver (73.00);
13. Chris Cudlipp, U.S. (77.25);
14. Ricardo Oliveira Porva, Brazil (77.00);
15. Chris Haslam, Richmond, B.C. (74.50);
16. Eric Mercier, Montreal (74.00);
17. Jesse Langden, Oakville, Ont. (74.00);
18. Pat Channita, U.S. (73.75);
19. Evin (68.00);
20.Greg Brewer, Vancouver (67.25);
21. Trevor Houlihan, Vancouver (66.75);
22. Josh Clark, Fredericton, N.B. (65.50);
23. Micky Pappa, Vancouver (64.75);
24. Jorge Comelli, U.S. (64.50);
25. Geoff Dermer, Vancouver (63.75);
26. Riley Boland, Calgary (63.75);
27. Colin Nogue, Vancouver (60.00);
28. Nate Roline, Edmonton (57.50);
29. Juan Manuel Garcia, Mexico (56.50);
30. Lamonzo Coleman, U.S.(52.25).

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